[wp-hackers] Special comments managemente

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Thu Feb 7 12:50:55 GMT 2008

I didn't play with those filters, but I guess you need to look those:

> 1) When a comment is posted i ahve to intercept the post form read the
> radio button, let WP save the comment and write a special new table
> (created when plugin is activated) that assoicate the comment ID to
> post category A or B

	$comment_content = apply_filters('comment_save_pre', $comment_content);

> 2) When post are showed i have to intercept the array and for each
> comment check that special table to assign it to a category and then
> output all the procesed comments in 2 divs that via css will show upp
> as 2 columns.

	$_comment = apply_filters('get_comment', $_comment);

(this is for single comment)

	$comments = $wp_query->comments = apply_filters( 'comments_array',  
$comments, $post->ID );

(this is for the array)

let me know if this help you :-)

Paolo Tresso
http://pixline.net - http://amisnet.org

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