[wp-hackers] Special comments managemente

Stefano Aglietti steagl4ml at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 10:04:25 GMT 2008

I've been asked to make a system to manage comments in a different way
than the usual one.

Every post will have 2 columns of comments a sort od 2 and only 2
categories (ex A and B). During omment post users should be able to
selec a radio button to choose the category of the comments A or B.

I suppose i shoudl have a plugin that:

1) When a comment is posted i ahve to intercept the post form read the
radio button, let WP save the comment and write a special new table
(created when plugin is activated) that assoicate the comment ID to
post category A or B

2) When post are showed i have to intercept the array and for each
comment check that special table to assign it to a category and then
output all the procesed comments in 2 divs that via css will show upp
as 2 columns.

I'm looking arounf to find the right Action or filter to use.. but i'm
not sure what to use.. any suggestion?


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