[wp-hackers] Default password length

Olivier-Bernard RICHARD olivier-bernard.richard at edf.fr
Wed Feb 6 12:34:42 GMT 2008

> As 
> part of the password handling changes, can we push that out to 8 
> characters and improve the random algorithm?

I definetely -1 this. I expect that the software I use has the ability to 
protect & encrypt & everything what I store in it, but it's up to me if I 
want to pick 123456 or 1l0vey at u_ for whatever reason. I absolutely *hate* 
it when I register with a new service and it tells me I cant use a 
password because it's too short, or doesnt contain enough mixed case, or 
contains my nick, or whatever.

I'd rather add a link to a Codex page helping users pick a password and 
warning about a thing or two most people ignore (ie why it's a bad idea to 
use '123456' or 'password' as a password)

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