[wp-hackers] find wp-config from a plugin file

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Mon Feb 4 16:09:09 GMT 2008

> Yes, please avoid this. I created a forehead-shaped crater in my desk
> from when I was trying to share a single K2 installation between two
> WordPress installations by using symlinks, and it was realpath()'s
> fault.

So please help me to understand this issue with this well-known plugin  
(Gengo) I'm trying to mantain:


I really can't understand what kind of directory structure actually it  
has, and if this is my plugin's fault or just an "extreme" setup I  
can't understand... I'm getting crazy :-)

By the way, this is not the only thing that's getting me crazy with  
this plugin, actually... it was not a good idea trying to mantain  
plugins authored by someone who disappeared (anyone knows him?!?). If  
someone of you are willing to make this multilanguage plugin work with  
a recent version of WordPress, have a look at


and maybe help me find the way :-)

Thank you!

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