[wp-hackers] Using Media Uploader In Plugin

Rich Pedley elflop at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 24 10:21:40 GMT 2008

2008/12/23 Alex Andrews

> The Media Uploader in 2.7 now allows for you to upload, among other
> things, .zip and MP3 files. As a few of you might remember, I've been
> developing on and off a plugin for managing a record label. One
> brilliant addition to this would be to allow the user to upload .mp3
> or .flac files directly using the plugin and the Wordpress interface.
> So how can I hook into the uploader flash thing itself? I want .flac
> files to be uploaded, but to not go into the media library, but to be
> processed in a slightly different way.

Funnily enough I want something similar, I tried to use the uploader
on a separate page and got... nowhere. I've also tried quite a few
alternatives and they all seem to fail at some point (except one small
flash uploader which i got to work... then found out it would only
upload images).

I'm trying to add an uploader that can upload large files (bigger than
php will normally allow), to a specific directory but I don't
want/need it limited in other ways, as I will ahve no idea what users
will want to upload.


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