[wp-hackers] My new utility plugin for plugin developers

John Blackbourn johnbillion+wp at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 16:34:47 GMT 2008

* Scenario:

You're a plugin author with plugins in the WP Plugin Directory. You
blog about the plugins at your own blog, and you've probably got some
pages on your blog about these plugins too.

* Problem:

You've just updated all your plugins so they're 2.7 compatible, or
maybe you didn't even need to update them but just changed the readme
file to reflect that they do in fact work in 2.7. Now you're going to
have to go and edit all the posts/pages on your blog to reflect these

* Wouldn't it be nice if:

The various attributes of your plugins were automatically updated on
your blog whenever you commited a change to the WP Plugin Directory
SVN repo?

* How about using WordPress shortcodes to type this into your posts/pages:

"My plugin is compatible with WordPress version [plugin
requires_at_least] and higher. I've successfully tested it up to
version [plugin tested_up_to]."

Voila. All your posts/pages automatically stay up to date with the
details of your plugin in the WP Plugin Directory SVN repo.

* Interested?

I've written a plugin that provides this functionality and I'm looking
for some feedback to see if anyone else finds it useful. Find the
plugin at: <http://lud.icro.us/wordpress-plugin-info/>. The plugin
isn't yet feature complete and I will be updating it over the next few
days, but feel free to take a look.


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