[wp-hackers] Uploading media in wordpress

Chris chris.hearn01 at ntlworld.com
Sun Dec 14 16:29:21 GMT 2008

There are several plugins around - I use a (modified) version of 
ImageManager plugin, and have an icon added to the TinyMce editor, so 
when writing a post clicking the icon you can insert or upload pictures, 
organise in folders, and then insert pictures into your post in a number 
of ways (thumbnail with/without link, picture, size control etc...)
(I haven't checked out WP2.7 yet, but think it does not offer all these 
things as standard!)

Param Aggarwal wrote:
> Hi fellow mailing list members,
> This is my first message. Forgive me for mistakes.
> I want to bring to light the problems I encounter with something as
> simple as adding pictures to my blog. The media uploader is simply the
> worst part about the very nice wordpress. Its very complicated looking
> and takes time to load. For something as useful as putting in pictures
> on your blog, more importance should be given to adding pictures on
> your blog.
> It was not working with the "PressMe" feature in wordpress too... I
> suggest here, that there be an image upload option right on the page
> itself. I know many of you would complain how this would add clutter.
> But then these days blog-posts without images aren't interesting to
> read. If you have experienced this yourself...
> Suggestion: Please add an upload link right on the new-post page. No
> need to load something further to do so... I am very unsatisfied with
> the "Media Uploader". I am an experienced blogger, so I am confident
> about what I say.
> Thanks,
> Param Aggarwal
> (Code is poetry!!!)
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