[wp-hackers] Uploading media in wordpress

Param Aggarwal paramaggarwal at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 15:34:45 GMT 2008

Hi fellow mailing list members,

This is my first message. Forgive me for mistakes.

I want to bring to light the problems I encounter with something as
simple as adding pictures to my blog. The media uploader is simply the
worst part about the very nice wordpress. Its very complicated looking
and takes time to load. For something as useful as putting in pictures
on your blog, more importance should be given to adding pictures on
your blog.

It was not working with the "PressMe" feature in wordpress too... I
suggest here, that there be an image upload option right on the page
itself. I know many of you would complain how this would add clutter.
But then these days blog-posts without images aren't interesting to
read. If you have experienced this yourself...

Suggestion: Please add an upload link right on the new-post page. No
need to load something further to do so... I am very unsatisfied with
the "Media Uploader". I am an experienced blogger, so I am confident
about what I say.

Param Aggarwal
(Code is poetry!!!)

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