[wp-hackers] Permalink problems

RePost repost_08 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 14 05:00:17 GMT 2008

You (the OP) can find out which pages are linking using the /?p=xy
> format using the "Linked from" attribute of the Google Web Master Tools
> table.
> If they're under your control, you ought to change them. If they're
> under your control and you've already changed them, allow a few days for
> Google to re-crawl your site and update its indexes.
To answer Eric's question first, I did briefly use the Google Sitemaps 
plugin, but as my site had still not been indexed a couple of weeks 
after making the move to WordPress, returned to the more thorough 
sitemap generator at auditmypc.com.

Harish, I'm not sure where to find "Linked From" in Google Webmaster 
Tools. Are you talking about the "Link" section under Index Stats?

I'm afraid this just leads to more questions from me, as I'm new to 
WordPress. As I understand it, both the default links and the friendly 
urls (Permalinks) are out there, and I presumed Google would index them 
all. In fact, because I know those default links will never change 
(while the friendly urls could conceivably change to anything the 
operator chooses), I have used the default urls for my internal links.

If I'm in error here, please correct me. These are critical issues I'd 
like to work out while the site is still "new."

One further clarification. I was dismayed to see my site, whose presence 
I had developed over more than two years, drop completely off the Google 
map shortly after I made the (necessary) changeover to WordPress. Google 
only has begun re-indexing the site over the past couple of days. At 
this point, most of the information in my Google Webmaster Tools still 
relates to the old, defunct, links.

Thanks to all for your assistance!

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