[wp-hackers] permalinks redirected despite WP_SITEURL

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Mon Aug 25 17:16:11 GMT 2008

I have a WP test setup on my own computer.  What is striderweb.com on  
the web is duplicated as striderweb.local on my computer.

I frequently do a backup of my live site's database, and then import  
it into the local setup so I can test directly.  After I've done this,  
"siteurl" in the database is still striderweb.com, so in wp-config.php  
I define WP_SITEURL as "http://striderweb.local".  I've also defined  

The permalinks on the main page are correct, but when I click on one,  
I am redirected to the post on striderweb.com.  If I copy the .local  
link and past in a new browser window, it's redirected.

This ONLY happens with posts; not pages.  If I click a page link, it  
comes up correctly on .local

What could be going on here?  Somehow WP is insisting on redirecting  
me to the live site in spite of WP_SITEURL.

(This is WP 2.6.1)


Stephen Rider

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