[wp-hackers] WP 2.7 menu sidebar

Xavier Borderie xavier at borderie.net
Sat Aug 23 20:42:04 GMT 2008

2008/8/23 Xavier Borderie <xavier at borderie.net>:
> The Install Plugin item's "Upload a plugin" section is hopefully one
> function that I've been wanting to have in WP for for a looooong time,
> ever since I saw it in the DotClear project
> (http://www.dotclear.net/). This excellent French blogware defines
> standard filenames that plugins- and themes-developers must use (like
> _define.php which act as a sort of manifest). This way, users can
> directly point DotClear to the Zip archive for the plugin or theme,
> and let DC do its magic (downloading, checking, installing), without
> all the hassle of doing it yourself.

Yay, confirmed!
That. Is. Soooo. Cool. Congrats Dion for pushing this one out!

Xavier Borderie

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