[wp-hackers] Help w/ cURL and Google Maps

Mike Walsh mike_walsh at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 14 21:22:58 GMT 2008

This issue isn't completely related to WordPress but it does affect a
WordPress plugin I am working on and this group is one of the best with
respect to PHP and MySQL issues that I have encountered.

I am running into an issue trying to use Google Maps via cURL from a site
hosted by GoDaddy.  It works fine on my laptop in my development area but
the same code times out when run on the production server.  This is for a
project I am working on for someone else so the server choice isn't mine.
My Google searches haven't yielded any results and I haven't had a response
from GoDaddy either.  I have set the cURL timeout to 2, 5, 10, and 0 and all
fail.  Setting it to 0 ultimately ends up in an abort on my server because
the script execution time is exceeded.

Anyone else run into this?

Mike Walsh -- mike_walsh at mindspring dot com

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