[wp-hackers] next_posts_link's parameter $max_posts

Lutz Schröer latz at elektroelch.de
Thu Aug 14 08:12:15 GMT 2008

> Looking at the source, Its designed to limit the amount of "Next page" 
> possible.
> Eg,
> next_posts_link('next page', 3);
> If theres 10 pages of results, it would show the link on the first 3 
> pages, But the 4th and onwards would not have the link.

Ok, after reading this I understand what it's meant for and I might even 
see a somewhat reasonable usage for the parameter: if I just want the 
user to see e.g. the last 50 postings. I never thought of wanting such a 
feature... well, maybe in the search results, to avoid displaying 
ancient postings.

Thanks for the clarification, I'm going to add it to the Codex.


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