[wp-hackers] updating widgets for multiple sidebars

Shane Pearlman shane at shaneandpeter.com
Thu Aug 7 20:15:49 GMT 2008

I'm sorry if what I wrote was confusing. I am referring to the widgets  
that have NOT been enabled to work in multiple sidebars as of this  

For example, in the default widgets provided with the current tagged  
2.6 release, links, meta, recent comments ... are single sidebar  
widgets and are not multiple sidebar enabled.

I was asking:

1) has anyone done this yet?
2) if we do it, should we contribute that for 2.7?


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> An example would be the meta widget, I use different sidebar for diff
> templates and it would be nice to log in in different templates
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> On 7-Aug-08, at 2:25 PM, Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com> wrote:
>> Err.. what? Any multi-widget can be in multiple sidebars, unless I'm
>> misunderstanding you.
>> On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 11:53 AM, Shane Pearlman <shane at shaneandpeter.com
>>> wrote:
>>> Hey folks,
>>> As part of a project we are having to enable a grip of widgets to
>>> work in
>>> multiple sidebars. Some of you will probably be receiving emails
>>> from us
>>> about the plug-in / widgets you have build being multi'd to see if
>>> you want
>>> to add in our retrofit.
>>> I was wondering if anyone has gone to the effort of enabling the
>>> default
>>> wordpress widgets for multiple sidebars? If so, can we use that  
>>> code?
>>> if not, we'd be happy to contribute it towards the 2.7 release.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -S
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