[wp-hackers] An Open-Source & Cross-Platform Comment Manager WAS Comment client for WordPress

Ozh ozh at planetozh.com
Tue Apr 29 11:21:23 GMT 2008

>Ozh - just because I might want to code some cross plattform open source
>tools someday:
>What is wrong with java - why would this keep you from using/testing it?

Nothing is wrong with Java, just personal taste.

I'm a Windows desktop user, and I can't stand how tediously and slowly 
java stuffs generally work on windows, not to mention the often awkward 
installation. I also find java apps poorly integrated with windows most of 
the time. I'd use a comment manager if it's faster and easier to use than 
a "Manage Comments" page in firefox as it is in WP now.

Again, just personal taste, that one might even easily prove wrong with 
this or that particular application. That's just the impression java left 
on me over the last 10 years. Please don't start a "man, java rocks" flame 
thread :) (but feel free to point me off list to any particularly neat 
java stuff you'd know)


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