[wp-hackers] Jeff Atwood on WP Overhead

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Thu Apr 24 12:38:23 GMT 2008

I wonder.

Jeff has a point, but it is a matter of convenience verses speed. I'll 
rather have convenience where the speed difference is negligible. I'm 
not convinced that Matt Mullenweg is a genius or someone I should bow 
down to and worship, like say Peter Westwood or Rasmus Lerdorf. Now 
those are people I can build a shrine to.

Ah, coding horrors. I can tell you of some coding horrors. None of them 
have to do with WordPress, I can tell you that. Well, I could relate 
past WTFs and coding horrors I've seen while working with WordPress and 
trying to patch the core to fix bugs. I'm not going to, because 
complaining doesn't create solutions and when you have solutions there 
isn't a need to complain.

Also, they have more to do with speculation and my personal opinion, so 
hopefully and I seriously mean that, I'm wrong. If I was to state 
anything, it will probably be suggestions on how to not repeat the 
coding horrors. All of my coding horrors with WordPress have nothing to 
do with performance, but I like how the guy says that the community is 
great, but fails to mention that core team is great too (there might be 
a hidden message there? Maybe, but probably not). I think the community 
is great too and Peter and Ryan.


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