[wp-hackers] Comment client for WordPress

Vladimir Yushko yahoo2 at yarrowsoft.com
Mon Apr 21 15:15:12 GMT 2008

Thanks Alex for good questions.

>    1. What the UI actually looks like

Main idea of comment client is same idea like mail client where message is
comment. I made main window of application  look like Outlook Express.
Programm has toolbar, folder treeview, comment listview and quickview panel.

>    2. What features the application actually has

Sorry for my english. I tried wrote following:
Comment client is a program to managing comments in the blog. To manage
comments blogger must visit administration panel. Now with Comment client
you have remote access to comments database and dont need to visit blog for
every comment.
Comment client is like to mail client where messages is comments. You can do
usual things such as: read, edit, create, delete, reply, approve or mark as
Comment client installed as desktop Windows application. Programm Supports
all versions of Windows: from 98 to Vista
inclusive. There are also available portable version of Comment Client:

 which not a required installation and can be run from usb flash drive.
Intuitive and simply organized moderation comments: just select comments in
the list and click the right mouse button that appears in the context menu
and click: approve, hold, mark as spam, delete, and so on. If mouse stay on
comment in list hint window shows comment content.

Comments editor has options to edit html tags and has editable browser. And
one of the most important feature is spell-checker.

Comment client can manage a several blogs at once. Each account blog
organized as a tree: at the top level is fresh comments (inbox), which has a
 "Outgoing" - a comment that you have written or edited, but have not yet
sent to the blog.
 "Moderate" - get there if their comments mark a pending moderation or at
the time of receipt of new notes, if checked "Sort by folders incoming
 "Spam" - is the same as "Moderate", well of course it concerns only spam
 "Deleted" - there are placed deleted comments. If you delete the comments
from a folder, "Deleted", they will be placed in the Windows Recycle Bin
 "archive" - a folder where you can move comments from other folders when
they become too many, as well as possible from 'archive' move back to the

You can drag and drop comments from one folder to another, or copy through
copying. If you have any ideas on the improvement of comment client, I will
accept them and always will respect.

Link to dowload Windows application:

Link to download server part which must be uploaded to before using client:

Moreother I developed blog client with sinonimiser which will be interesting
to seo webmasters. Link to download (freeware, Windows only):

Best regards, Vladimir Yushko

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