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Vladimir Yushko yahoo2 at yarrowsoft.com
Fri Apr 18 19:20:30 GMT 2008

I understood you completed. When I wrote about mobile devices I had hoped
that my humor harmless and easy to be understood. I didnt joke about others
blog engines. Sorry.

My applications have many platforms depended modules such as supports
drag&drop, virtual files in the clipboard, interthread synchronization,
manage multi top level windows, preview comments in hint window and more. I
known what features of my application can be transfered to another platform.
Possible create same appication with semilar features but never new
application can be compared with original. I hope what I wrong.

Best regards, Vladimir Yushko

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> >> It's completely up to you what platforms you support, however, if you
> want
> >> the application to be successful and accessible for as many WordPress
> users
> >> as possible you must support all thre major operating systems.
> > You forgot mobile devices and others blog engines such as blogger.com
> > livejournal.com. I can quickly extent my application for blogger.com and
> > livejournal.com and perhaps for others blog engines. But not other
> operating
> > systems. I created application for 2 months.
> Okay, so we don't have Adobe AIR on mobile devices yet, but Adobe are
> working towards that [1].
> I don't think you understood me right...
> The benefits of using Adobe AIR are that you write the application once
> it works for many operating systems. It's up to you what your application
> does, support as many blog hosts as you want. Adobe AIR is merely a
> development framework which will allow you to run the same application on
> any operating system AIR itself is installed on.
> Alex
> [1]
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