[wp-hackers] Tagging private posts

Sören Weber mail at soeren-weber.net
Mon Apr 21 14:30:55 GMT 2008

I wasn't aware that the count was meant to be a public count only. This
will render the tagging/categories system useless for all the guys that
are using their blog as a private diary and do not publish often. Very

It may seem incomprehensible and unexpected to the user (at least for me)
that tagging only works for published posts while other functionality
works pretty well with private posts (eg. hiding comments in various
locations for private posts).


> Private posts should remain private, and they shouldn't be included in
> public counts. Adding tags per-user would create too much overhead
> with too little benefit for most blogs. If you really need this, you
> should look into writing a or finding someone who can write a plugin.
> Aaron.
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