[wp-hackers] TextMate for Windows? (was: Comment client for WordPress)

Mahmoud H. Al-Qudsi computerguru at neosmart.net
Fri Apr 18 23:04:54 GMT 2008

> TextEdit for Windows yet is a tool I do not really know - I installed
> it to
> give it a try but it simply didn't let me change the look within 5
> minutes
> of searching (I will never try something longer if it doesn't fit my
> basic

TextEdit isn't easy to customize, but all the options are there (I think).

> Iam allways in search for good and fast texteditors (just leave me
> alone
> with any slow IDE shit, just plain text + commands + autocompleat + ...
> on

That's why I prefer TextEdit to Notepad++. It's a no-frills text editor that does what I need.

But I've never heard of e before... gotta check it out now.


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