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Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Fri Apr 18 13:47:10 GMT 2008

Dunno what others do, but whenever I like a snipplet of code (especially for
server-side of course, since I am more of a serverside-dev then an
desktop-application-dev (while writing cobol programms at work which run as
desktop solutions) and I find a donation button I will donate (small pices
of money as I am not rich and find many usefull snipplets).

If there is some pice of software which is really usefull for my purposes I
will buy it - no matter if open source or closed.

I am running windows - so this is nothing which really says something about
the "home users running linux" but I do not think the mentality is really
different. I just do not have the time for maintaining two OSes (I'd need a
windows for some apps anyway) while I am sure linux is one of the best OSes
available - so do not try bothering with any religious wars as I see both
sides but do not get every app I need running on linux.

The thing is: I will pay for whatever software I use (for a longer period) -
if it is open source and available for free or not. I am sure I am not the
only one - but I am also sure that there are many who don't.

Anyway: If Vladimir isn't a cross platform dev trying him to work cross
platform will not make the software woth a penny. When he codes in (insert
language of your choice) and can not get that programm running on mac or
linux it is just that. He will not start learning java just to provide the
same for mac and linux - this is time consuming and I know what it means to
have plenty of ideas and not enogh time to work on every single one. You'll
start dropping things which aren't YOUR need or wish. And so he does: He
drops platform independence for having more time to write code for ms
windows users - which still is a very large group.

I'd say stop religious wars and start accepting that not everything will be
published for every operating system. I am left without glorious TextMate
since I am not running Mac OS - well I of course hat that situation, but
there is nothing which can be done beside searching for alternatives. Noone
bothers Microsoft for creating a linux compatible version of MS Office -
why? Because there is a great open source alternative (OO.org)?

2008/4/18, Vladimir Yushko <yahoo2 at yarrowsoft.com>:
> > Several million AIX, Solaris, SCO, Novell, RedHat and Irix users just
> > had infarctions at that comment.
> I forgot write what I mean home users like bloggers. These users not
> buying
> software for home. This is real fact. I known many developers companies
> which makes money on Windows applications and they sai what market
> end-users
> solutions is dead. May be in future... I will be wait. I have too many
> ideas
> for my another projects and not enough time and money for unix clones.
> > And just because we believe that software should be Libre doesn't mean
> > we think it should be free beer.
> I am thinging what donate model will be not wwork for my application. My
> application isnt a server solution. Target group for my client is
> end-users.
> Of course this topic is very interesting.
> am not familiar with any one person who makes money on developing programs
> for Unix. But I am familiar with several hundred mans ho makes money on
> Windows applications. Maybe I do not live there need and isnt familiar
> with
> the right people? This is rhetorical question.
> --
> Best regards, vladimir Yushko
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