[wp-hackers] Comment client for WordPress

Vladimir Yushko yahoo2 at yarrowsoft.com
Fri Apr 18 13:05:39 GMT 2008

> Several million AIX, Solaris, SCO, Novell, RedHat and Irix users just
> had infarctions at that comment.

I forgot write what I mean home users like bloggers. These users not buying
software for home. This is real fact. I known many developers companies
which makes money on Windows applications and they sai what market end-users
solutions is dead. May be in future... I will be wait. I have too many ideas
for my another projects and not enough time and money for unix clones.

> And just because we believe that software should be Libre doesn't mean
> we think it should be free beer.

I am thinging what donate model will be not wwork for my application. My
application isnt a server solution. Target group for my client is end-users.
Of course this topic is very interesting.
am not familiar with any one person who makes money on developing programs
for Unix. But I am familiar with several hundred mans ho makes money on
Windows applications. Maybe I do not live there need and isnt familiar with
the right people? This is rhetorical question.

Best regards, vladimir Yushko

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