[wp-hackers] ShareThis plugin breaks prototype.js Class object.

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Wed Apr 16 08:35:37 GMT 2008

dubayou wrote:
> This was driving me crazy.  I could access the 'Class' (that prototype
> built) If i put my java above the wp_head() call but the java in my
> plugin fails if I call

erm, did you say Java? omg! (sorry, I couldn't help it)

> ...
> var TabMonster = Class.create({
> 	initialize: function(tab_list_container,options){
> ...
>  from within a hook to wp_head().
> So does lightbox or any plugin that relays on the Prototype framework
> So it turns out that teh ShareThis plugin brings in some java from
> w.sharethis.com that has its own Class def that over writes prototype.
> lame.

it is probably a different (older) version of prototype; had they used 
the script loader, it would load the Wordpress-supplied prototype 
library and ignore the rest, and wouldn't break everything else; but 
then again, their plugin would not be guaranteed to work across 
Wordpress versions

this is a complicated problem, actually, because few libraries can 
accommodate several of their own versions running at the same time 
(actually, the only one I know is jQuery), and there is not much you can 
do, except for warning the users (or rewriting your javascripts for 
jQuery ;)).

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