[wp-hackers] ShareThis plugin breaks prototype.js Class object.

dubayou dubayou at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 00:39:18 GMT 2008

This was driving me crazy.  I could access the 'Class' (that prototype
built) If i put my java above the wp_head() call but the java in my
plugin fails if I call
var TabMonster = Class.create({
	initialize: function(tab_list_container,options){
 from within a hook to wp_head().
So does lightbox or any plugin that relays on the Prototype framework

So it turns out that teh ShareThis plugin brings in some java from
w.sharethis.com that has its own Class def that over writes prototype.

This code is for my dynamically-tabbed-widget-sidebar mutation that
needs to make a custom Prototype controller.  See what im talking

any one else using ShareThis have or notice this problem?

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