[wp-hackers] Ouch -- very ouch.

zamoose at gmail.com zamoose at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 15:02:50 GMT 2008

On 4/10/08, Jess Planck <jesse at funroe.net> wrote:
> His linked article didn't mention WordPress. The FBI report seemed to
> reference overloading SMTP, was this a WordPress plugin issue, a
> WordPress issue, or just a very poorly configured server with respects
> to mail? So much of this depends on more info that might be noted in
> the FBI report.
> In my case I've done one report for an incident (non-WordPress..
> awstats) to the FBI field office in New Orleans, they have been
> responsive in telling me information beyond what my pitiful forensics
> were telling me. So it would be interesting to see that FBI report in
> it's full glory I bet.
> Jess

I agree.  It was his non sequitur that I was labeling an "Ouch".
WordPress had nothing to do with the story, yet a giant standing
athwart the blogosphere decided to indict WP.



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