[wp-hackers] GSoC proposal: Developing a WYSISWYG theme creator/editor

Xel xel at netgra.de
Fri Apr 4 20:48:06 GMT 2008

First of all: I do not like WYSIWYG in any way. (Sorry, I had to drop that
line ;-)
*BUT* I think it is a great idea anyway.

I don't have to use it and thats good - others will use it and will - maybe
- create their own themes so we may leave the world of thousands of wp-blogs
which look exactly the same. I hate blogs that look the same. You follow a
link to a blog and it looks like one you allready visited. But it isn't
you'll  have to look at the domain to know this...

Ok so far for the idea itselfe. Here is something you may find usefull:

For a 'wysiwyg' thing it is hard to create very flexible layouts and stuff
by 'automatic-handwritten-code'. I do not say it isn't possible, but it is
tricky. Try one of the following css-frameworks, two of them already feature
a page-generator themselfe, so it's proven to work allready.
BluprintCSS (which features great typografic features)  -
YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout - has its own "Generator" allready) -
YUI Grids (from Yahoo User Interfaces - features its own builder too)

For normal Themes I wouldn't recommed using them - I wrote a 21 pages long
scientific paper about css-frameworks and while doing that I found that they
are not sooo great if you want to build a theme by hand (exept Blueprint up
to some extend, because you would have to spend very long to create this
typo-effects) - but it may be a great help to use them for automatic
generation of themes. They allow enough flexibility and seem to be "easy" to
generate automatically. Generating all of this yourselfe will first of all
take time and second will result in another framework, with generator, which
wouldn't be better than relying on what is already there.

Just my 50cts

2008/4/4, Kunal Bhalla <bhalla.kunal at gmail.com>:
> Hi
> I would like to create a fully functional theme editor for wordpress
> in GSoc. What do you all think about it?
>   == Abstract ==
> I aim to create a WYSIWYG theme creator/editor for Wordpress. On blogs
> hosted on Wordpress, this editor will *NOT* allow direct editing of
> code: instead, the user will use tools to create the required themes.
> This will allow users to change/create themes without generating
> invalid code. In the self-hosted version of wordpress, this editor
> will be extended and will have an improved code editing version (with
> code highlighting, tips, etc. etc.)
> You can see the full proposal here:
> http://kunal.byethost18.com/wordpress/?page_id=4
> Eagerly waiting for suggestions, comments and feedback.
> Thanks,
> --
> Kunal Bhalla
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