[wp-hackers] GSoC proposal: Developing a WYSISWYG theme creator/editor

Kunal Bhalla bhalla.kunal at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 19:09:10 GMT 2008


I would like to create a fully functional theme editor for wordpress
in GSoc. What do you all think about it?

 == Abstract ==

I aim to create a WYSIWYG theme creator/editor for Wordpress. On blogs
hosted on Wordpress, this editor will *NOT* allow direct editing of
code: instead, the user will use tools to create the required themes.
This will allow users to change/create themes without generating
invalid code. In the self-hosted version of wordpress, this editor
will be extended and will have an improved code editing version (with
code highlighting, tips, etc. etc.)

You can see the full proposal here:

Eagerly waiting for suggestions, comments and feedback.

Kunal Bhalla

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