[wp-hackers] Shortcodes and formatting

Xel xel at netgra.de
Thu Apr 3 01:39:46 GMT 2008

Ok - since it seams hiding formerly used shortcodes will not be an issue wp
core will handle - if I understood Matt right on this topic -
I've written a (very) small plugin which can handle an (theoretically)
unlimited amout of user entered shortcodes and will
send this shortcodes to hell, nirvana, dev/null - whatever you like best.
It also has the option to leave the content of the shortcodes untouched.

It was written at about 2-3 am, so don't blame me too much if it isn't
perfect now ;-)

I would be perfectly happy if some of you would try it and let me know if it
fits your needs/whishes, if you found any bugs or stuff I should do better.
Grab your copy here:

You may set your shortcodes to be deleted in Settings => Null Shortys.
You only got one field and one checkbox at the very beginning - with every
code you add and save you'll get one more. I do not expect people to enter
10 shortcodes at a time - the case to need this functionality should be rare
Enter the shortcode into the field (for a shortcode of
[foo]content[/foo] you enter foo)
If you want to strip of the contents check the checkbox.
To delete a shortcode from the list just blank out the input field (and hit
save button).
Thats it.

Of course this will *not* do this dynamically when plugins are deactivated
but I think this will do exactly what a user would expect, after he entered
the shortcodes into the plugins list.


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