[wp-hackers] new botnet/comment spam thingy?

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Wed Apr 2 21:42:19 GMT 2008

Hello list

I have been getting large numbers of accesses from large numbers of 
addresses lately, all posing as Internet Explorer 6. From what I've seen 
in the audit logs, they seem to be trackback spam. Many (most?) don't 
get past mod_security, and I still saw some 12k accesses with 11k 
uniques in stattraq yesterday (it's a little past midnight here).

Nothing got past Akismet, which is really cool, but it does make me 
wonder: is this an attempt to swamp the Akismet servers? Have those of 
you that have many thousands/tens of thousands of real visitors per day 
seen such an increase, or it only applies to low traffic sites like mine?

/me wondering

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