[wp-hackers] Let's make Buttonsnap fully obsolete

Stephane Daury wordpress at tekartist.org
Wed Apr 2 21:22:56 GMT 2008

Argh, now that I spent all that time integratiing with it and TinyMCE  
2 and 3?!? :p

Kidding, it's a great idea.

Still gonna mean one more thing to support for plugins who want to be  
backward compatible, but it's a good decision for the future, methinks.

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On Apr 02, 2008, at 1:14, Viper007Bond wrote:

> For those who don't know, Buttonsnap is a PHP class that allows for  
> super
> easy adding of buttons to the non-RTE editor and used to allow for  
> adding
> buttons to TinyMCE as well.
> Source:
> http://svn.wp-plugins.org/vipers-video-quicktags/trunk/resources/buttonsnap.php
> Buttonsnap was made partially obsolete with WordPress 2.1 which  
> forced us
> plugin authors to write full fledged TinyMCE plugins to add buttons.  
> (No
> complaints from me really, just stating the facts).
> I propose we make it fully obsolete by introducing an API into the  
> core for
> adding (and even modifying?) the buttons in the non-RTE. I know  
> TinyMCE is
> the "preferred" editor of choice these days, but I absolutely hate  
> the thing
> and I don't think everyone else uses it. Not to mention there's  
> still the
> "HTML" aka Code tab that even TinyMCE users have access to.
> One solution would be to do quicktags.js -> quicktags.js.php and  
> make it
> dynamically generated (i.e. hooks and filters), but then we may run  
> into
> caching issues (although no-cache headers would fix that). Another  
> solution
> would be one similar to how Buttonsnap works and just manually add  
> buttons
> to the container.
> Any thoughts on this? Anyone else actually think it's a good idea?
> I for one would love to have to stop bundling Buttonsnap with my  
> plugins.
> It's a great class, but it's time for it to retire and take it easy  
> in the
> code retirement home.
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