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Cesar D. Rodas saddor at gmail.com
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I just propose this... I am waiting feedbacks

WPES (WP External Storage)  is project that will allow bloggers to use other
kind of storage for upload files (images, videos, audio) with an easy
integration WP.

The planed build-in drivers are the Amazon S3, FTP, Picasa (for pictures),
YouTube (for videos), also another important part is define an API to add in
the future other storage.

It will be as the WP upload box, but instead of upload files to the server
it will do to another storage, then when it is upload it will generate the
HTML and XML (rss and atom) to integrate it with the entry. This will be
possible with the great PHP Stream Abstraction available since PHP 4.3.2.

The greater benefit is that WP user will be able to have podcast and their
video or audio will be hosted on other server, really useful to offload
traffic of blogs with huge audience.

Another utility is the backup of files, useful for don't lose data or "easy"
migration of hosting, because the files will be on another server restore it
(or link it) is easy.

On 31/03/2008, Paolo Tresso / Pixline <supporto at pixline.net> wrote:
> Il giorno 31/mar/08, alle ore 01:03, Cesar D. Rodas ha scritto:
> > Hello,
> >
> > What the folk think for a Amazon S3 plug-in for Wordpress?
> > I think i will propose it too,
> >
> I think that a better approach (one I'll probably make use of) could be
> abstracting the whole upload system, letting people choose whether upload on
> the same server, upload via ftp/scp on another one, or use external storages
> like amazon s3. At least, I would probably pay big money for this.
> One such system, maybe even pluggable, would be probably the definitive
> system, and would act as a foundation layer for many other storage systems
> as well... Too bad I'm too old to propose something (and when I was young
> google didn't spread all this money ;-)
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