[wp-hackers] SQL Error on upgrading to 1.3

Ozh ozh at planetozh.com
Wed Sep 26 11:40:40 GMT 2007

>- From Ryan (on wp-testers):
>- ----
>Duplicate entry errors when inserting into the term_relationships
>table should not cause any harm.  WP 2.2 did not enforce the post_id,
>category_id relationship to be unique in the post2cat table.  That has
>resulted in some people having multiple rows for the same post_id,
>category_id pair in post2cat, as Alexander described.  The upgrade is
>incorrectly assuming that the post2cat rows are unique.  This will
>result in the db error messages but should not mess up your upgrade.
>- ----
>I believe this explains what you are seeing.

Thanks for this explanation westi (I'm not into wp-testers)

I was more or less suspecting something like this. I suggest that this 
kind of sql errors are hidden then, it might really scare the average 


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