[wp-hackers] WP + lighttpd

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 12:40:57 GMT 2007

Ozh wrote:
> I have the disappointing feeling that lighty cannot handle the "if file 
> does not exist, then rewrite to index.php" rule as in WP now, so I'm 
> curious to hear about people who are succesfully running it. Any 
> experience with lighttpd to share ?

Indeed it doesn't. It supports the equivalent of "RewriteRule", but
absolutely no equivalent of "RewriteCond", which I feel is essential to
any sort of useful rewriting implementation.

I did get it going without those 50+ rewrite rules by setting WordPress'
index.php as the 404 handler. However, any 404 on your website, even if
it is outside of WordPress, will be handled by WordPress. Also, you are
restricted to running only one permalink-enabled copy of WordPress at a

So, the permalink situation on lighty sucks, frankly.

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