[wp-hackers] WP + lighttpd

Ozh ozh at planetozh.com
Mon Sep 24 11:17:19 GMT 2007

Hello there

I'm trying to run a WP blog on a lighty server. Everything is fine and 
fast, except for the pretty permalinks which can be no better than 

I searched here and there, but the only workaround I was able to find is 
the "define your 50+ redirect array" trick [1] which doesn't seem really 
convenient if you have to edit it every time you post a page. Nothing on 
the Codex was helpful, except for using lighty as an offload server for 
static content.

I have the disappointing feeling that lighty cannot handle the "if file 
does not exist, then rewrite to index.php" rule as in WP now, so I'm 
curious to hear about people who are succesfully running it. Any 
experience with lighttpd to share ?



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