[wp-hackers] Automatic feedback from users

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 16 14:38:17 GMT 2007


I strongly agree with items 1&2. Silently sending information about installs
without the user knowing about it is going to cause a bunch of problems. I
seriously think that should be an option that is disabled by default. It
could be a simple checkbox on the plugin page, or offered as an option
during upgrade. 

I know nothing malicious is going to happen with the info, but there are
enough people out there that will think otherwise. Putting the information
out there so that any John Doe upgrading knows it is happening and can
opt-out will prevent problems.

Jamie Holly
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>so we are suggesting to make it more explicit:
>1. users should be aware of it.
>2. users should be able to disable it.
>3. server should log the info.
>4. useful info should be sent.
>also, I am guessing that this is implemented as a server side http post.
>this does not work for many users that have their server configured to
>block outgoing http requests.
>I have a solution channels the information through the client browser
>transparently. this would be a much more reliable approach IMO.
>Matt Mullenweg wrote:
>> Ozh wrote:
>>> Why not develop a plugin first, that could convince for a later core
>>> inclusion ?
>> You guys should really watch wp-svn more closely.
>> It sends some basic info by default, not currently being logged on the
>> server-side, and to disable you need a tin-foil-hat plugin.
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