[wp-hackers] Automatic feedback from users

Omry Yadan omry at yadan.net
Sat Sep 15 19:18:01 GMT 2007

Callum Macdonald wrote:

> Omry, you misunderstand.
> If the user disables their plugins before running the update, how can
> we record which plugins are active?
Good point.
I guess the answer is that we will not do it during the upgrade.

> As I said in my previous email, "I've heard talk about auto-notifying
> users when plugins are updated." I believe this is already being
> implemented as part of the move wp-plugins.org. Therefore, I was
> suggesting adding the statistic gathering onto the existing project,
> not the other way round.
That would be a fine suggestion, be we need to be careful not to bundle
functionality with statistics gathering.
users that opt not to provide statistical information should not be
punished by reducing the functionality in any way.


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