[wp-hackers] Ajaxian Page Ordering for Wordpress

Chris chris.hearn01 at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 5 15:50:57 GMT 2007

Hi Barnardo,
Yes, I am sure the pagination was the hard bit, which is why I added 
pages to try it!

The "Next Page" bit actually wasn't referring to the time taken, which 
was fast - but to dragging a group to the bottom and dropping it - the 
changes to the underlying page seemed busy and confusing at first - I 
forget the exact sequence but it occurs when dropping the pages over the 
bottm "hover here" area...
Obviously I haven't seen it with the animation turned off, and so can't 
comment if that is better or worse!

Bernardo Santos wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Thanks for the thoughtful comments.
> I will put "Edit Page Order" on the top. The problem with "Next Page" you
> might be referring to is probably that it takes some time to load the pages
> from the server. Once a page has been loaded, it stays cached, so it loads
> up instantly (the case of "Previous").
> The "Page Refreshing" you mentioned is actually an animation for the page
> transition. It can easily be changed to some other type (such as flashing,
> etc), I added support for it in the component. It is there to make it
> clearer to the user that something changed. If we turn it off (what is easy
> to do as well), the next page appears instantly and the change is hard to
> notice. I agree it can make things a little "bumpy" on the transition,
> JavaScript is crappy on most browsers (I would say it is good on Safari and
> decent on FF), specially if your machine is a little slow.
> In the overall, the pagination of this component is a very hard problem to
> solve,  due to nesting and the need to move one element from one page to the
> other. Even with a lot of effort (I would say more than 50% of the work done
> was related to pagination support), it is hard to find a way that it will
> fell more natural to the user. So, I think pagination at a large number of
> pages (50 or 100) is probably the best way to go. It will be there only for
> those few users that actually need it (because they have hundreds of pages).
> Cheers, Bernardo
> On 9/5/07, Chris <chris.hearn01 at ntlworld.com> wrote:
>> Very good -
>> Put the new "order pages" button at the _top) of the standard page list
>> (or top and bottom) - it is not obvious the button exists when there are
>> a lot of pages, and will save scrolling all the way down.
>> I have added several more pages, to test 1st/last/middle screens on your
>> "page order".
>> It gets a bit exciting when trying to move a page with a lot of children
>> to the "next Entries".
>> I see that  you can move a group over more than one listing page by
>> "hover over previous page", then move the mouse and hover it again (once
>> you get used to it!)
>> Doesn't work so well for "next" though, but I cant see how you could
>> easily change it...
>> It might be simpler, although less fancy, to simply keep the display
>> constant, and when user drops a group of pages into previous or next,
>> simply show the previous or next page with the dropped group at the top
>> - yes it would take a second drag to position it on the new page, but
>> may be clearer to users - something to think about maybe?
>> The number of items on a listing page varies (I think) to keep child
>> pages with the top level one - this is good - but dragging a large group
>> to the bottom (to move them) the display can get rather confusing as it
>> refreshes.
>> Overall an very good feature.
>> Chris
>> David Weitz wrote:
>>> You should have an Edit Page Order button on the top and bottom of the
>>> Manage->Pages view. If you have a lot of categories, I wouldn't want
>>> to scroll all the way down to click it.
>>> Bernardo Santos wrote:
>>>> Hello everybody,
>>>> As my Google Summer of Code project, I developed a "drag and drop"
>>>> jQuery
>>>> plugin with support for pagination whose main goal was to be used for
>>>> easily
>>>> ordering the pages in the WP. It is now integrated into WP and almost
>>>> finalized.
>>>> I set up a sandbox where you can test it. I would really appreciate
>>>> if some
>>>> of you could take a look at it and give me your thoughts and
>>>> suggestions. I
>>>> recommend you to use FF to test it (there is still a minor cosmetic
>>>> issue in
>>>> IE). More information on:
>> http://bitsinashortbit.wordpress.com/2007/09/03/first-showcase-of-page-sorting-in-wordpress/
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Bernardo
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