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Les Bessant les at lcb.me.uk
Tue Sep 4 19:55:17 GMT 2007

Normal practice is to have at least two name servers, which should be on
physically separate networks. If your name servers are on the same network
as the application server, then in the event of a loss of connectivity, your
domain drops off the internet in the worst possible way - rather than
getting error messages indicating that the server is inaccessible, visitors
will get "no such domain" errors.

That's bad for web servers. If you're running email on the domain, it's
potentially catastrophic - instead of messages being queued for delivery
when the server comes back, they'll bounce with extreme force...

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> I've never heard that hosting DNS on the same server is a bonus. We run
> each service on a separate IP even if it's on the same server, to allow
> for easier separation later.
> I know that all the big sites run DNS separately from their web
> servers,
> it just wouldn't be practical to host DNS on the same box as the
> application. So based on that, I'm pretty confident that there's no
> downside to hosting DNS separately.
> I'm interested to hear more on the subject though. Can your web host
> provide any links to support their recommendation? I searched for "dns
> rating" but I couldn't find anything relevant. Could you post any links
> to DNS rating sites?
> Cheers - Callum.

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