[wp-hackers] Re: Templatedia, a new work in progress plugin

Viper007Bond viper at viper007bond.com
Mon Sep 3 23:42:54 GMT 2007

For those who don't care about this plugin: sorry for yet another post to
the list. I promise I'll stop soon. :P

For the rest of you: alright, here should hopefully be the final
1.0.0version (lots and lots of changes):


I also bundled another miniplugin I've been working on which adds the "Chess
diagram" template from Wikipedia (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Chess_diagram ) to Templatedia.

Yeah, that's right, you can post any of these standard board size examples
into a post and Templatedia will properly parse it and display it as it does
in Wikipedia:


I wrote it as just a small example as to Templatedia's power. :D

Viper007Bond | http://www.viper007bond.com/

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