[wp-hackers] WPhone Admin plugin 1.3.1, aka "iPhone Contest Final Version"

Daniel Cameron dan at scatter3d.com
Mon Oct 22 15:32:41 GMT 2007

On 10/22/07, Viper007Bond <viper at viper007bond.com> wrote:
> Extensibility:
> >     *  Large library of current (and future) WP admin plugins will
> > "just work" in the mobile UI, without rewriting or tweaking
> Again, not able to respond, although I will mention that out plugin is
> 100%
> hookable, filterable, and translatable (see example plugin).

I acknowledge that your plugin is extensible but ours doesn't require a
plugin author to modify his/her code to make it work for mobileadmin.

Ability to toggle the "mobile" view on and off, from any browser
> > (mobile or otherwise) without disabling the plugin or logging in/out,
> > and without requiring javascript to be enabled
> Same for our plugin (via $_GET), but we opted to provide no UI for this as
> it didn't seem to be needed from our perspective, especially with the
> limited screen space.

I have to disagree with it being necessary. And hopefully whomever wins you
change it because on an iPhone you must logout after the plugin activation,
then log-in again for iUI interface to activate. More importantly, if you
wanted to get to a section of the admin that wasn't supported by your plugin
you you couldn't either type the url in or just log out and deactivate the
interface, instead you would have to use a non-mobile browser to deactive
the plugin and by that time it wouldn't be necessary as the options you'd
try to access earlier would be available on the desktop. IMO you shouldn't
lock the user out of the fully featured admin, especially on the iPhone
where it still runs great.

> Indeed! I wish you good luck. :)

Thanks, you guys have a great plugin too. So much, that we were forced to
list our benefits to distinguish ourselves and in case those benefits
weren't apparent to the judge(s).

UI and underlying code aside, I personally like the admin page designs. Even
though they're not unique to the iPhone they have a uniformity which we had
a tough time accomplishing but we expect 2.4 with it's new backend design
and hopefully better markup we'll be able to do what I intended.

I also can't believe you designed in the dark for the iPhone, that's cool.

Like you've mentioned before, regardless of the outcome both projects could
learn from each other and the result could potentially be the ultimate of
mobile admin plugin for WP.

Good luck to all and may our users benefit from our work the most.

Dan Cameron

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