[wp-hackers] PostgreSQL port status?

Robin Adrianse robin.adr at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 02:48:03 GMT 2007

I don't think (though Matt would be the one to confirm this) that WordPress
is aiming to be compatible with anything but MySQL for the indefinite
future. Efforts to add another database engine have been attempted, but I
have yet to see a complete and fully functional one, without much
detrimental effect on speed.

I believe the rationale for supporting only MySQL is that we can use
MySQL-specific features such as FULLTEXT indices (which really should be
used for searches), and to keep support as easy as possible. Not to mention
MySQL is one of the best DBMS' out there, and is likely the widest deployed.

There are concerns on the ML and the Codex that will likely never get
addressed. That is life. WordPress can't possibly do everything people want
it to do and in every way possible. That would be bloat.

On 9/30/07, Computer Guru <computerguru at neosmart.net> wrote:
> > More specifically, WordPress isn't aiming whatsoever to be compatible
> > with
> > database engines other than MySQL -- if you want to run it on something
> > else, then it's up to you to figure out what to do about the MySQL-
> > specific
> > SQL.
> Don't you mean: WordPress isn't aiming whatsoever /at the moment/  to be
> compatible with....?
> Think of it like adding another hook - you're not /losing/ anything, but
> you are providing WordPress users with huge possibilities. If someone is
> willing to undergo writing code that will /not harm/ WP *and* add the needed
> GENERIC (as in not PGSQL-specific) code needed to make multi-database
> support happen - what's your argument?
> It sounds like you're against the idea of anything other than MySQL, even
> though all of the concerns outlined in the Codex *and* here in the ML would
> be addressed...
> I could be wrong, of course.
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