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Tue May 29 08:06:20 GMT 2007

Il giorno 29/mag/07, alle ore 05:19, Bertrand ha scritto:

> Thanks! What's WP-PEAR? Couldn't find anything on it.

I've read it some time ago:

On: [wp-hackers] [Fwd: [photomatt] An idea to benefit open source  
Date: 	16 april 2007 21:26:32 GMT+02:00

[...] Greg Beaver has recently done a lot of work on the PEAR  
installer, and it now supports channels and other really neat  
features. The PEAR installer would be an excellent fit to put some of  
WP's reusable functions out for everyone to enjoy. [...]

Wouldn't it be nice? :-) In Pixline we are focusing on WP as CMS or  
develop framework, more than a blog engine, so both wp-pear and your  
approach would really help us to grow and - finally - do our work as  
we like to do it...

> I thought of maybe encapsulating each section into an array that's  
> only run when needed. That way you'd allow developers to rearrange  
> the load order, break off pieces individually, etc. What's most WP- 
> centric based on existing practices?

Maybe a combination of arrays (what sections in what places) and  
hooks (add/remove that interface)? Just wondering...

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