[wp-hackers] Hooks to disable various features of admin

Bertrand 602qr7kdcmp58t1 at afrobacon.com
Tue May 29 03:19:43 GMT 2007

>> http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4340
>> Is this worth developing? Would it make it to the core code if done 
>> properly?
> I would really love to have that feature.
> Would make really easier using WP as a CMS (or even a development 
> framework), without using spare libraries and code the whole thing as in 
> the WP-PEAR idea (which could be useful in some case, but heavy in some 
> others).
> ++1 for me :-)

Thanks! What's WP-PEAR? Couldn't find anything on it.

My main hope is to allow plugin developers the ability to modify the 
admin mechanisms without touching the core code. It's pretty much 
impossible right now.

Anyone have some feedback on how best to approach this?

I thought of maybe encapsulating each section into an array that's only 
run when needed. That way you'd allow developers to rearrange the load 
order, break off pieces individually, etc. What's most WP-centric based 
on existing practices?

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