[wp-hackers] export wpmu -> import wp22

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Mon May 28 08:22:32 GMT 2007

I've just some doubts I wanted to share with you: I'm actually  
required to export a WPMU blog and move it into a brand new  
standalone wordpress, but I can't understand why my WPMU export file  
will not import into a vanilla WP22. I had to work roughly on  
phpmyadmin and mess with tables manually to get some decent results,  
but maybe I've

My doubts are:
1) WPMU 1.2.1 is the code-counterpart of WP22, or WP22 is based on a  
different version?
2) What charset will be used creating the WP-XML export file?
3) I'm actually running 1.1.1 (or at least I suppose that), so I'd  
better upgrade WPMU first, then export, then import into WP22?

Apart from that, I'm really ignorant about xml-rpc, but I was  
wondering about a import script like the "import links" one, allowing  
a brand new wp22 to 'suck' another WP installation by itself, without  
any xml ('cause my personal blog won't import by xml: I'm not having  
that memory on my server!). Do you think it would be possible, xmlrpc  
or not? And if you think it's possible, someone wants to code this  
with me? :-)

Thank you for your time, I beg your pardon for my english, but here  
is early morning and I'm not having my coffee.. :-D


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