[wp-hackers] New database class - HyperDB

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Mon May 28 00:13:43 GMT 2007

For those of you running WordPress in high-volume environments, I've set 
up a mailing list you should join:


We're releasing the DB class we use for WordPress.com to the world. 
Amoung other things, it supports:

* Replication
* Failover
* Redundant (public/private) networks
* Local and remote datacenters
* Partitioning
* Different tables on different DBs
* Advanced stats for profiling
* More...?

We're calling it HyperDB, and it's a drop-in replacement for WPDB, it 
just has some different configuration settings.

Anyway, if any of this sounds interesting, drop by the hyperdb list and 
introduce yourself and we can start diving into the code.

Matt Mullenweg
  http://photomatt.net | http://wordpress.org
http://automattic.com | http://akismet.com

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