[wp-hackers] Atom Publishing Protocol work - Ticket 4191

Elias Torres elias at torrez.us
Thu May 24 12:26:55 GMT 2007

Hi hackers,

I might have introduced myself before, but I'll do it quickly again. I
work at IBM for an innovations team in the CIO office (bleech), anyways,
I like to work in open source and standards. I use WordPress personally
and also participate in the Atom APP workging group at the IETF. I have
been working on the WordPress AtomPP implementation for sometime now and
that's what we have included in WordPress 2.2. Before today, the
workflow was that I'd submit a patch and wait for Dougal to verify
before it was committed. The turn around time and other things make this
 really hard to make progress and leads to very large patches.

After chatting with Matt, he suggested I write to the list for everyone
to be involved in the review process as well as me sending smaller (more
understandable) patches. I had a huge patch that did some unconventional
conversion from tabs to spaces making it very unreadable. I fixed it,
but it's still a bit larger then usual. I would like people to review it
and suggest we commit it. From now, I'll stay more closely aligned with
the releases and make sure we have a robust APP implementation as the WG
is hopefully???? near completion. We are I'd say 75% there and I'm
willing to put in the time, but I need to know the commitment of the
group to quickly review small patches and commit without depending on a
single third-person to review.

Behold the patch -> http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4191

Looking forward to working with the community here at large.


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