[wp-hackers] Missing Menus

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Tue May 22 14:52:27 GMT 2007

Sorry for being slow here but I have been travelling London to Las Vegas and
have only just managed to find a connection.

As to changing the '8' in the menu action call I don't think this makes any
difference unless it is something new in 2.2. I set up a completely clean
and empty 2.2 just before I left and installed this plugin just perfectly as
it is. My user in Delaware did the same thing and it still refuses to run
the activate or the menu hooks but does get listed in the 'active_plugins'
option list. This suggests to me another cause.

I am happy to change the call but this just isn't responsible for his
problems. I guess I am going to have to tell him he just can't use it.!
Thanks anyway

> Aren't you both talking about the wrong thing and really he just needs
> to replace the 8 for the userlevel in the arg list with
> 'manage_options'? Yes.
> The current_user_can check needs to go in the page itself.

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