[wp-hackers] Missing Menus

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Sat May 19 20:45:34 GMT 2007

> Care to tell us what plugin it is? Got a link to some source code?

Sorry - we've been doing some further hunting but haven't turned up a
solution as yet. The plugin is 'Simple Forum'. The line of code for the
admin menu uses a pretty standard call:

add_submenu_page('edit.php', __('Simple Forum', 'sforum'), __('Simple
Forum', 'sforum'), 8, 'simple-forum/sf-admin.php');

No function - just runs the script.

There is more however. We have now discovered that the 'activate' hook
didn't run either as the necessary new tables have not been created and nor
have the options been setup. So that's two hooks that are not being
actioned. There are a lot of users of this and this is a unique problem to

I'm really just looking for any ideas that we can try to get him up and
running. Anything he or I should check.

> On 5/18/07, Andy Staines <andy at yellowswordfish.com> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I have one user of one of my plugins - (amongst hundreds without this
>> problem) - who can activate the plugin successfully but gets no menu item
>> appearing. (Both Firefox and IE - permissions fine/cache emptied - logged in
>> as admin etc).
>> The only possible difference (which I personally think is probably
>> irrelevant) is that this is a user who has just installed WP 2.2 - i.e., a
>> completely new site - and then tried to install my plugin.
>> Can anyone advise on what I should be getting him to look at or do I just
>> tell him to go to the WP forums...
>> Thanks for any advice,
>> Andy

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