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Les Bessant les at lcb.me.uk
Thu May 17 17:43:01 GMT 2007

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> Hi,

> On 5/17/07, Matt <speedboxer at gmail.com> wrote:
>> "proudly powered" should just become "powered". Why bring opinions into
>> If they want to put proudly, they can edit the theme. We should just keep
>> generic.

> "Opinions" is one of the things that I love about open source
> software.  "Powered by WordPress" sounds almost machine-generated.
> "Proudly powered by WordPress" makes it all more human, if you ask me.

> It's true, many people will edit this out complete or change it to
> something that suits them better.  But I think "Proudly powered by
> WordPress" makes for an excellent default. :)

FWIW, I always remove the "proudly". Might be a linguistic/cultural/wossname
difference, but "proudly" in that context isn't a word I'd use. 

And can we have a UK English variant with something different instead of
"Howdy"? Or is that one just me?

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