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Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Thu May 17 15:49:01 GMT 2007

To me "Proudly" kind of stands in for "Powered by WordPress because it
was what I wanted", emphasizing how WP is driven by it's users, rather
than "Powered by XXX because it's what the tech guy at XCorp learned
at trade school" or something similar. It's also pretty relaxed as far
as opinions go, not even approaching any of the politics around free
software etc. that get the bile rising in some people.

I agree that just "powered by" sounds really mechanical, if it needs
to be changed it should be to something like "this site runs on
WordPress" or "this site runs on the WordPress blogging platform",
which is clearer and still friendly (and friendliness is important
here IMHO, when you want people to use forums and sketchy wiki's as
support you have to remind them how friendly you are regularly ;)


On 5/17/07, Swaroop Hegde <swaroop at rackedhosting.com> wrote:
> I second Leonid's comment. I remember when I was searching for a blogging
> engine for my website. The friendly informal text used everywhere in
> Wordpress seemed so unique that I never even tried out other software. Every
> software says "Powered By blah blah.." but the word "Proudly" emphasises the
> fact that we love the software :)
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> Hi,
> "Opinions" is one of the things that I love about open source
> software.  "Powered by WordPress" sounds almost machine-generated.
> "Proudly powered by WordPress" makes it all more human, if you ask me.
> It's true, many people will edit this out complete or change it to
> something that suits them better.  But I think "Proudly powered by
> WordPress" makes for an excellent default. :)
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